Below is a list of sources utilized in gathering general information provided on contaminated sites and sources of contamination.  Sources specific to a certain site can be found hyperlinked in the title of each location's section.
Background and updates on knows sites in the North St. Louis area
“We cannot change what happened to us in the past … we can only work to improve our lives by advocating for health awareness and continued cleanup of the creek, in an effort to our hometown a better place.” – Kim Visintine, Coldwater Creek Group Administrator and Founding Member
Follows activism by Just Moms STL related to Coldwater Creek and the West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, MO.
"Our mission is to bring awareness to the radioactive material that is interspersed throughout the St Louis Metropolitan area, and areas that have been deeply affected by these materials."
Images taken by the USDOE as a part of the documentation of the cleanup process of the Weldon Spring Site.
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